Artist Bathroom Remodel

Artist Bathroom Remodel

Yvette Vega is a vibrant woman. Half Puerto Rican, half Mexican but living in Florida, she slides easily in and out of Spanish in her speech as well as her life. She was brought up in San Juan on "the Island," but after graduating high school, studied advertising at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale. To launch her career in advertising, she moved back to San Juan and stayed some 15 years before feeling the pull back stateside. With tons of family living in sunny Florida and the state's proximity to the Caribbean, it was easy to make the transition and still enjoy close ties with relatives in "La isla del encanto" ("enchanted island," as many call the beautiful island of Puerto Rico) while having the support of relatives in the States. It was the perfect combination that gave Yvette the peace of mind she needed to make central Florida her permanent (22 year) home.

I love the clean lines of the Carmella suite.

In the late nineties, she decided to purchase a condo strategically located in Altamonte Springs, near Winter Park. She chose this area not only because it is quiet and laid back, but also because she loves taking short weekend trips to the beaches both on the east coast and west coast of Florida. Fishing is one of her passions and the fact that she is right in central Florida gives her the flexibility to visit different beaches whenever she desires. Growing up in Puerto Rico, surrounded by pristine beaches, it is not surprising that one of her favorite things to do in Florida is to take these mini getaway vacations bouncing from east to west gorgeous coastlines. When Yvette is not fishing with her friends, she can be found at local shows and festivals selling her art. She primarily focuses on pottery, but also paints beautiful canvases. Her art collection is fun, unique, bold and colorful, just like her taste. Take a look for yourself on her Instagram page WHYCREATIONS. Pots, statues, picture frames, and many other sculptures abound.

Yvette is not a stranger to design. She appreciates great form, clean lines and organic inspiration. When the time came to remodel her outdated master bathroom she did not think twice – she would remodel it completely and finalize the transformation with touches from Luxart's clean and contemporary offerings. She would not settle for the regular-big-store-common-out-of-the-box look. This one of a kind creative and talented artist wanted something that would stand out more and give her bathroom the bold and unique look she herself creates and expresses in her art. With the bathroom gutted, it was time to choose the high end details and have some fun. In addition to the new Luxart's fixtures, she also got all new tiles, flooring and granite countertop for her vanity. Decisions needed to be made and the choices were many – 9 different collections to pick from, with a variety of finishes such as polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze, just to name a few. She chose the Carmella collection in brushed nickel for a classic and contemporary feel. That included a robe hook, towel bar, towel ring and faucet for the vanity area. For the shower area she chose a large sunflower shower head, 3-way lever handle diverter trim, and a 60" personal shower kit.

After the bathroom was completed she could barely recognize it from what it was before. Home makeovers can have such a profound effect on one's happiness. Looking at her bathroom now everyday makes Yvette smile. All the details were hand picked, and the flow and function of the one space in her home that gets utilized every single day is 100% a reflection of her style and taste. Needless to say she was very pleased with the results and says she would highly recommend Luxart's products to anyone who has a flair for uniqueness and is looking for elegant artisan fixtures to complete their home makeovers. If you are thinking of remodeling your home, get your Luxart catalog today, the small details can truly make a striking difference.