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Luxart Living

Disposer Air Switches

Shopify APIMar 25, '21

Free-Spirited Influencer

Aimee LynchApr 7, '20

So many of us live daily repeating trendy mottos such as “YOLO” – you only live once, or “seize the day”; however, very few really take that to heart and ACTUALLY live life following our passion day in and day out. Our customer, Brittany Gibson, is one of the enlightened...

Artist Bathroom Remodel

Aimee LynchOct 9, '19

Yvette Vega is a vibrant woman. Half Puerto Rican, half Mexican but living in Florida, she slides easily in and out of Spanish in her speech as well as her life. She was brought up in San Juan on “the Island”, but after graduating high school, studied advertising at the...

DIYers Get It Done

Luxart LivingJul 16, '19

David and Rachel Bohner met at church and it didn’t take long before they fell in love. Just about one year later, they were already married and making plans to start building a beautiful family. As a young couple, their starter home was a rental apartment. Soon after tying the knot,...

Sink Trends

Jul 16, '19