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Acrylic Freestanding Tubs

Acrylic Freestanding Tubs

Luxart ® AltaBella tubs are made from pressed premium-quality acrylic sheets and have a deep, durable color layer to ensure a lifetime of beauty.


Acrylic Drop-In Tubs

Luxart AltaBella acrylic drop-in tubs feature a new, low-profile edge for a more minimalist look that your bathroom will love!

Stone Freestanding Tubs

Stone Freestanding Tubs

Luxart ® VitaBella solid stone tubs are made of an organic mixture of ground minerals and binding agents that are liquified, poured, and then hardened—giving you a spa-like experience.

Pure Genius Features

Things are about to get real steamy around here.

Luxart® PerfectSteam Shower Systems provide a relaxing atmosphere of moist heat that promotes health and wellness.