Relax. dO sweat it.

Luxart® PerfectSteam Shower Systems provide a relaxing atmosphere of moist heat that promotes health and wellness. In addition to comfort and a positive influence on mood, steam has therapeutic benefits for the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

We’re taught from early on not to sweat the small stuff. That lesson goes far in helping us cope day-to-day. But sometimes, we get really stressed. And we need more than mindset to relieve that tension. Exercise helps. Vacations work wonders. Spas can restore our Zen.

What about steam? It may seem too simple on the surface. A little warm vapor and suddenly a looming deadline, or budget crisis, or family emergency melts away? Well…sure sweating it out won’t write the proposal, find the money, or heal the wound, but these are just some of the holistic benefits of steam:

Muscle Relaxation

Steam showers generate moist heat which widens blood vessels releasing tension in aching muscles by allowing more oxygen to flow through the muscle tissue.

Respiratory Health

Those suffering from respiratory problems find relief in steam therapy as it soothes throat irritation, loosens phlegm in the lungs and loosens mucus.

Skin Rejuvenation

Steam hydrates the skin pores and more efficient blood circulation from a steam shower gives skin a healthy glow.


The soothing warmth of steam opens pores. Sweating profusely, the skin on the body releases toxins from everyday living.

Stress Relief

The heat and moisture combination in steam rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere to calm the mind and lower stress levels.

Better Sleep

Relaxing for 20 minutes at the end of the day in a steam shower regulates the body’s core temperature and increases blood flow for quality sleep.

What's a Steam Shower?

A steam shower is a fully enclosed structure that, when activated, permeates the entire area with warm vapor. It looks just like a regular walk-in shower because it is, with some extra bells and whistles. According to This Old House, “to summon steam, you simply hit the digital controls in the shower stall. That triggers an electric valve to fill the breadbox-size steam generator with about a gallon of cold water. Then, just like a plug-in teakettle, the generator’s electric element brings the water to a boil. A pipe channels the hot vapor to the steam head, or disperser, which fills the stall with tropical moisture that never gets above a safe 118 degrees Fahrenheit.” Home steam showers are more within reach than ever before. With accurate budgeting, quality materials, proper design planning and professional installation, it’s no sweat!