Smart Toilets
Are Invalua-bowl

Homes have always had a heart.  

As the world moves to smart technology, it should come as no surprise that our homes are also gaining a brain. Everything from light fixtures, to thermostats, to appliances can learn our habits, deliver unparalleled comfort, and save resources and money. Take using a toilet…even this most basic of needs has gotten smarter and we’re positively bowled over.

Common features for smart toilets 

include heated seats, automatic flushing, night lights, remote controls, personal hygiene and self-cleaning. These tankless toilets are huge water savers too. Toilets with tanks can overflow or leak, just one example of the potential for water waste. Smart toilets have no tank…only the water that’s needed is used every time, which is better for the environment and our wallets.

The Luxart Intelligent Toilet fuses beauty and brains. Its beauty is apparent in its modern design. But this toilet offers far more than looks. Each thoughtful detail promises delight for the heart and head.

The age of home buyers is trending down.  

Younger generations are undeniably tech savvy. They have grown up in a smart world. They’re accustomed to the tech and want it wherever they go, including where they live. Upgrading your home’s technology will both improve your quality of life while you live there and increase your home’s value when it’s time to sell.

Like anything in life, there are a wide variety of price points and features, so it’s always best to do your research. But overall, we bowl-heartedly agree smart toilets are a wise investment.