No Downside to
This Dark Side

Black is textbook classic.

Everyone knows it’s universally wearable and we love it for that! Black never goes out of style. It makes us feel strong and thin. It matches everything. So it’s always been a must have in our homes, but has historically stuck to the clothes in our closets. In a bold move, that trend is changing. People are embracing the drama of this neutral color by making it a permanent house guest.

Matte black has emerged this year in everything from accent walls to furniture to fixtures. The matte finish transforms basic black into subtle and complex. Well-placed touches make it a showstopper. Try cabinet pulls in an all-white kitchen. A modern faucet in a breezy bathroom or industrial pipe shelving in an office. 

Since black is timeless, odds are it will withstand changing tastes. So this color that invigorates our wardrobes can be an inexpensive way to breathe new life into every room in the house. Have you gone to the dark side?