Free-Spirited Influencer

Free-Spirited Influencer

So many of us live daily repeating trendy mottos such as “YOLO” – you only live once, or “seize the day”; however, very few really take that to heart and ACTUALLY live life following our passion day in and day out. Our customer, Brittany Gibson, is one of the enlightened few that has mastered the art of designing and living the life she wanted at a very early age. While in college, she took a semester to study abroad in Italy and ended up staying a year. Upon graduating with a Journalism degree, she decided to become a blogger and travel around documenting her experiences and architecting the life that she was meant to live (find her on Instagram at #brittanyinwanderland).

Brittany grew up watching her grandfather enjoy his RV lifestyle. She remembers him taking it to the beach and having the greatest time with him in it. Fast forward to age 26, Brittany found herself on a road trip with her best friend Kaitlin. While passing RVs on the highways, she started reminiscing about her childhood and her grandpa’s camper. Coincidently, Kaitlin had just seen a TV show called Tiny House. Together, they quickly conceived of the idea to buy a camper and travel the country in it. Still in the midst of their two month road trip, they had ample time to brainstorm every aspect of their would-be RV project.


"We wanted to feel as at-home as possible."

When they returned home from their road trip, they dropped their bags and themselves at Brittany’s parents’ small wine bar. There, they put out the word that they were looking for a camper. One of the bar patrons offered them a free beat-up 1968 Winnebago camper, as long as they would take it “as is” and drive to North Carolina to get it. And so, in April 2017 their sweet journey with Trudy began – they pulled her home and started a major renovation to turn her into a cozy, homey masterpiece. Trudy was named after the donor’s late mother who had recently passed away. Her name was Trudy Britt; she had a wonderful and long life, so Brittany and Kaitlin thought the name was very fitting. With their busy schedules, finding the time to work on Trudy was a challenge. Kaitlin went off to Hawaii and Brittany was also bitten by the travel bug again. Somehow, they managed to complete Tudy’s renovation before the end of the year. Trudy needed lots of love and care – floors were destroyed, and everything was outdated. Since campers only offer a small space, both Kaitlin and Brittany agreed that they would invest in top of the line materials and finishes to really make it look like a warm and welcoming home. They had big plans to travel all over the USA with Trudy, so living in a camper needed to feel like home. That is why they decided to go with Luxart’s products for the kitchen and bathroom. Every inch of the renovation mattered and Trudy went from bland and dull to functional and fabulous in no time.


For the sinks and faucets in both the kitchen and the bathroom, they chose the brushed-nickel finish because it contrasted quite well with the white wash wood and coffee-stained countertop. Often times camper’s sinks and fixtures in general look so plain, but Luxart’s products gave Trudy the feel of a real home away from home. Whether you are looking to renovate your entire home, condo, office restroom or even camper, make the effort to invest in the small details. High-end finishes can create a dramatic effect that will enhance the value of your property while giving you the warmth and functionality that you and your space deserve.