DIYers Get It Done

DIYers Get It Done

David and Rachel Bohner met at church and it didn’t take long before they fell in love. Just about one year later, they were already married and making plans to start building a beautiful family. As a young couple, their starter home was a rental apartment. Soon after tying the knot, though, they decided that they needed to invest in their future by becoming homeowners, so they moved to a family-friendly area with small town, quirky charm that appealed to them.

As first-time home buyers, David and Rachel wanted a place that would grow with them comfortably, but not break the bank. They bought a 4 bedroom/ 2 bath house that was perfect for them - it needed a little love to make it their own, but was fairly new, so they wouldn't be overwhelmed with any major structural work. It was also just a short drive to work, near a trail so they could go for the walks and runs that they so enjoyed doing as a couple. Thankfully, the house had plenty of space for their flourishing family because this young couple had no plans to slow down the adulting journey – first getting married, then purchasing a home together and now… a baby was on the way!!!!!

The Bohner’s welcomed baby girl #1 (Chloe) into the world and their new home in late 2017, then baby girl #2 (Charlotte) arrived in 2019, bringing endless joy to the entire family. Home improvement projects were underway – a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, new lighting and fans, landscaping and last, but not least, new fixtures for the bathroom and a kitchen sink. The couple felt that making these changes were easy and affordable, yet made a huge difference in how the home looked and felt. It moved them away from that plain, builder-grade look to a warmer and more current style, that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Upgrading the bathroom with faucets the Bohners would see and touch every single day, made them very happy. Luxart was a perfect fit.  The new warm, dark finishes gave their bathroom an immediate facelift, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.  These additions were just the details needed to infuse character and style into their new abode.

The couple also loves entertaining friends and family and hanging out at home to watch football games. They are both foodies too, so time spent in the kitchen is time well spent. Clearly, they also wanted to give their kitchen an updated look. Their wish list included a deeper sink with a more modern and updated design. The Bohners' goal was to get maximum satisfaction out of their upgrades; so they focused on the areas most used in their home. What else gets more use in a kitchen than the sink? Looking at Luxart, David and Rachel chose a dual-mount, double-equal stainless steel sink and a brushed nickel pulldown faucet that would fit their lifestyle perfectly. The bonus? The sink doubles as a bath place for the babies!

Luxart products are unique and timeless, just like the Bohners themselves.  What's next in their saga?  Who knows? But if their lovely family keeps growing, we hope we'll get to help them outfit casa #2.