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See how our products transform spaces and help with everyday life.

Power Couple 

Young power couple Gabriella and Jorge Salazar are great visionaries. They have architected their upwardly-mobile lifestyle quite unexpectedly around not one, but two fixer uppers. Read more…

DIY-Ers Get It Done

Soon after getting married, they decided that they needed to invest in their future by becoming homeowners, so they moved to Winter Garden, FL – a family friendly area with a small town quirky charm that appealed to them. Read more…

Artist Bathroom Remodel

When the time came to remodel her outdated master bathroom she did not think twice – she would remodel it completely and finalize the transformation with touches from Luxart’s clean and contemporary offerings. Read more…

Free-Spirited Influencer

So many of us live daily repeating trendy mottos such as “YOLO” – you only live once, or “seize the day”; however, very few really take that to heart and ACTUALLY live life following our passion day in and day out. Read more…

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