Your Home is Your Haven…
More than Ever Before

Our home has always been our retreat. A place of privacy where we can truly relax. While this is still very much the case, now more than ever, our home has also become our haven. A place of safety and security where we may find ourselves spending more time than we ever thought possible.

 Current kitchen and bath trends are following suit with boldly personalized touches, hygiene at the forefront and smart features in high demand. We’ve canvassed the experts and we predict these distinguishing features will characterize homes this year.

Smart, with Head and Heart

Homes have always had a heart. As the world moves to smart technology, it should come as no surprise that our homes are also gaining a brain. Everything from light fixtures, to thermostats, to appliances can learn our habits, deliver unparalleled cleanliness/comfort, and save resources and money.
Tech-focused products will continue to be in demand, as they bring convenience and efficiency to our daily lives. Products like touchless faucets are a quick and cost-effective way to bring smart to your home’s heart.

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Bathing That Is Anything but Basic

With us spending more time at home, it was only a matter of time before we’d put more emphasis on basic tasks, like bathing. And bathing sure has shifted from simply getting clean to experiencing clean. Spa-like bathrooms have turned our most private retreats into even more of a treat with products like steam showers, rain showerheads, personal shower systems, freestanding tubs/fillers.
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Go Bold With (and Without) Color

While colorful touches are not a new trend, they are gaining in popularity and popping up in unexpected ways, like a blue oven or green backsplash. Color evokes happiness and we all have a favorite. Working that color in to our living space can only boost our good mood.

And mixing that color with this year’s other trend – achromatic neutrals – turns a blank canvas into a vibrant, uniquely customized renovation.

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A Style for Every Sensibility

Ever wonder why there are so many ice cream flavors? It’s because we are unique individuals with our own sense of self, and we show that individuality in every life choice…from clothes to food to home décor.
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This style evokes old-world charm with decorative embellishments and vintage details.  
Luxart’s Giovale and Embellish collections will take you back.


This style emphasizes minimalism and is defined by geometric lines and no ornamentation.  
For Luxart’s modern offerings, check out the Eloa faucet and the Solv or Serendipity collections.


This style is more “of the moment” but rooted in art deco. It is softer than modern, less ornate than traditional and is constantly evolving.  
Luxart’s Pastiche collection expertly embodies this style.


This style is the ultimate compromise, fusing modern and traditional elements
Luxart’s Selah collection is a perfect example.

A Room to Grow Into

Universal kitchen and bath designs aim to ensure everyone in the home can safely and effectively use the space regardless of age, size, or ability. A thoughtfully designed layout that balances function, safety and style serves a wide range of individuals and reduces the need for modifications in the future.

Live Life In/Outside

Biophilic designs embrace nature. Bringing elements into home design that draw attention to the outside, like oversized windows and accordion or pocket doors, evokes a sense of tranquility.

High Impact,
Low Commitment

Wallpaper is making a comeback. But unlike the “extreme glue” headaches from decades ago, today’s version sticks on in panels and easily peels off. And with the wide range of designs available, nostalgia wins big. 

Feeling It

Texture is gracing everything from faucet handles to wall tiles, adding depth and sophistication to previously flat surfaces.

This year’s improvement trends are as varied as always, but there is a common thread – deep personal touches making our houses, more than ever, our homes.