Life is full of classic pairs. The dress and the shoes, milk and cookies, Han Solo and Chewbacca… and the list goes on. Really, what would the hamburger be without its sidekicks? We put a lot of emphasis on the meat itself. With good reason, it’s the namesake after all. But the cheese, the bun and all the fixings are what elevate it.

The bathroom is no exception to dynamic combinations. The tub, sink and toilet may be the main event, but everything from the tile to the colors to the faucets are essential opening acts. One such act is the freestanding tub filler. A stunning focal point in its own right, it stands alone over a tub supporting its own weight. Like its name says, it is not attached to any part of the tub. Because of this, there’s unlimited flexibility in where on the floor to mount it, leaving homeowners able to choose the exact spot to install the tub…even the middle of the bathroom.

Freestanding tub fillers make a bold and breathtaking statement. Choosing one means breaking out of the walled-in tub/shower box. It’s a world without boundaries. Where imagination and self-expression run free.