Make a splash and get your fill with our unique new VitaStone vessel lavatory sinks. 

Natural-Occuring Minerals

Luxart's VitaStone vessel sinks are made from finely ground Dolomite stone harvested from European mountain ranges, formed by millions of years of glacial activity.

These natural-occurring minerals are finely ground and mixed with resin binding agents, creating an organic mixture that is then liquefied, poured, and hardened.

The result is our signature VitaStone that creates a solid sink through and through. 

Naturally Strong & Stain Resistant

Luxart VitaStone vessel sinks are a lustrous white and hand-finished to have a unique silky feel. 

They are naturally strong, as well as stain, mold, and mildew resistant and repairable. Since VitaStone is solid all the way through, surface scratches simply polish out. 

The Total Package

Luxart VitaStone vessel sinks come complete with the template supplied and are IAPMO cUPC certified! 

These sinks will definitely make a splash in your bath!