Smart Solutions that Make Water Work Better

We’ve developed an array of product improvements that help you experience water differently. From pulldown sprayers that provide seamless functionality to surfaces that repel minerals and stains, you’ll find these advances to be more than smart. They are Pure Genius.

For easy, 5-minute faucet installation.
No special tools needed.

Fast Dock. Our innovative feature that allows you to install your new faucet in just minutes without the aid of a helper. Head here to see product.

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No-touch faucet activation. Just wave on. The infrared sensor turns water on/off in 1/4 second.

For easy, 5-minute faucet installation. No special tools needed.

Push button that lets you choose from various spray modes.

Stay-Brite finishes complete the look and add long-lasting shine.

Swipe Clean feature lets you simply use your fingers to clean sprayhead jets.

Luxart's Blade Spray technology turns a faucet's traditional spray into a powerful food wrestling ally..

For smooth sprayer hose retraction, every time.

Luxart® Sure Balance prevents sudden changes in water temperature.

H2OFF is a polymer that bonds to the glass and helps protect your new shower door.

 Things happen. Luxart understands. We all make mistakes. Miscut shower door parts covered.

Save money and the environment. Today's toilets provide the extra oomph to flush waste using less water than it takes to boil pasta.

Take control of flushing. A connected remote offers choices in water temperature, pressure, wash and spray modes. 

toilet seat closing

Experience Luxart Quiet Close. A toilet seat that slowly eases itsefl closed. No slams! 

Toilets are growing in convenience with the addition of features like a foot pedal for flushing.

An LED nightlight illuminates the bowl, making it easy to find, even at the darkest hour.

No Pre-Heat Necessary. Toasted buns are always delivered on a toilet seat with a built-in heater.