Reno + Refresh = Fresh Start

These are the Cuthbert’s. Keith, Leyla, and their daughters, Susan, Angie and Kayla, are a beautiful family who radiate positivity. They love exploring new cultures, spending time in the water, connecting with family/their church fr-amily, and caring for animals, especially their dogs, Benji and Misha.

Their story begins 3,000 miles from the U.S. Keith and Leyla met in Nicaragua more than 20 years ago. They married 17 years ago and began their newlywed life in the country where they met. That changed in 2012 when they moved to America for a fresh start.

Leyla became an Early Intervention Therapist, selflessly helping children with autism. Keith became a Data Analyst. And their oldest two daughters happily settled into a multi-lingual household in a new country. Susan, their eldest, radiates confidence with a bright and bubbly outlook. She loves singing, baking with mom, and playing volleyball. Angie is intellectual and kind. She loves animals, playing flute, and reading. Kayla, the comedian, arrived after the family moved to the U.S. She loves playing board games, coloring, and watching cartoons.

The Cuthbert’s rented homes for their first few years in America. But home ownership, and the permanency it promised, was always in their life plan. They scrimped and saved every dollar and penny. Seven years ago, their dream became a reality when they purchased their first home. A lovely Spanish colonial with four bedrooms and two bathrooms in an idyllic suburban community. 

It was exactly the fresh start they deserved. And it was love at first sight…mostly. They loved the location for their girls, knowing fun activities and supportive neighbors were right outside their door. And they loved the Southwestern style. Only the bathrooms were not up to their standards. So, again, they set a goal and began to save.

It took seven years for the Cuthbert’s to save enough money to tackle their bathrooms.


& After!

Like all great parents, they started with their children

Susan, Angie and Kayla’s bath needed a complete gut job. So down to the studs they went, fully modernizing and enhancing with the rebuild.

 Safety was Keith and Leyla’s first priority. To achieve this, they swapped a step-in bathtub for a walk-in shower with white Carrara walls. This shower drove the rest of the fixture and accessory choices. The result is an elegant and, most importantly, safe space for their girls.

They tackled the master bathroom next.

Keith and Leyla were already happy with the footprint, but it needed a sophisticated refresh.


& After!

Keith and Leyla were already happy with the footprint, but it needed a sophisticated refresh. They love contrasting colors and lush finishes. Black and white focal points, like black matte Luxart faucets and a white Andressa vanity now draw the eye to distinct details. According to Leyla, “I have a calming and relaxing place to go at the end of the day”. And Keith adds, “it’s an extension of who we are. We love modern luxury and Luxart fit the bill”.

Renovations, even refreshes, take time to prepare for and patience to achieve. But as the Cuthbert’s can attest, the end result is well worth it. 

Fresh starts are truly transformative.