Acrylic Free Standing Tubs

The focal point of your bath.

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Beautiful and Durable

Luxart ® AltaBella tubs are made from pressed premium-quality acrylic sheets and have a deep, durable color layer to ensure a lifetime of beauty. They are less susceptible
to chipping than cast iron or steel tubs. 

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Easy to Install

Each tub includes adjustable feet underneath to ensure the tub sits level with your current foundation. All tubs include a standard polished chrome integral drain and overflow.

Effortless to Maintain

Cleaning an AltaBella Free Standing tub is a breeze.  We recommend you treat it like you would your face and always use warm water and a mild liquid cleanser.  Simply wipe surfaces and rinse completely with water immediately after cleaning.  Test all products in an inconspicuous location before applying for the first time and avoid any abrasive instruments or cleaners.  Keep ammonia, nail polish remover or bleach away as they may scratch the tub's acrylic surface or dull its natural sheen.

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