A Hands-Free Operation

Wave On - Wave Off!

Luxart’s Simplesation technology allows you to turn on your bathroom faucet without touching it!  Just wave on. The infrared sensor on the side of the faucet base and turns the water on within a quarter second. Water flows until you wave your hand or an object in front of the sensor a second time and it turns the water off.

Control Germs

and Minimize Mess!

Make hand washing a lot less hap-hazardous! SimpleSation helps control germs and keeps your faucet clean, all at the wave of your hand. Wash away the remnants of a child's mud pie "masterpiece" without "redecorating" the bathroom!

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Stay in the Driver's Seat

Maintain Control

To select water flow or to set the water temperature, just adjust the handle, then leave it. With SimpleSation, you’ll always enjoy a comfortable pre-mixed temperature and pressure.

Get Long-Lasting Performance

...And Beauty

And, like all Luxart faucets, Simplestation faucets feature durable StayBrite finishes that ensure long-lasting shine. And, you'll enjoy hassle-free functioning for life with Luxart's Limited Three-Year Warranty.

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All with a Faucet
Full of Features...

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Battery or A/C Powered

SimpleSation faucets by Luxart are easy to install. The system operates reliably and consistently on 4 double A alkaline batteries that last 2 years before needing changed.

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Infrared Sensor

The infrared sensor on the side of the faucet base  detects the motion sensation and responds in a ¼ of a second.  And, it automatically shuts off after 3 minutes of inactivity to conserve water.

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Four Fabulous Finishes

Available to match Luxart’s sleek Aerro bathroom suite, select from four fabulous finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, brushed bronze and matte black.

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