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Imagine a bathroom that is touchless, intuitive, efficient and relaxing. You may think this is only a glimpse of what’s to come…but the future is now. Smart technology has already entered our homes through thermostats, kitchen appliances and more. It’s brought convenience, reduced waste and saved us money. So it was only a matter of time before it would make our most private retreats even more of a treat. Luxart offers several treat-worthy products.

Intelligent Toilets

The Luxart Intelligent Toilet fuses beauty and brains. Its beauty is apparent in its modern design. But this toilet offers far more than looks. Each thoughtful detail – from creature comforts to personalized cleaning to automatic flushing – promises delight for the heart and head.

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Touchless Faucets

The Aerro and Gioviale faucets keep life’s everyday messes in the sink. An infrared sensor turns water on and off with the pass of a hand. There is also a handle for a more traditional faucet experience. Convenience and cleanliness are within [touch-free] reach.

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Using the toilet is a normal part of life and can sometimes leave us with the need for a little refresh. A bidet provides a refreshing stream of clean where and when we need it most. Luxart’s Smart Bidet Toilet Seat delivers heated water/seat, front and rear wash modes and a self-cleaning wand for an unparalleled clean from top…to bottom.

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