It's a Dirty Job

It’s Saturday afternoon. Workout in the books? Check. Cheering squad for the kid’s sports done? Check. Dinner reservations made? Check. Anything left? Gulp, it’s time to clean the bathrooms.

Easy•Clean & Change® Hinges

Sure, wiping down the counters and bleaching the bathtub are pretty straightforward. But scrubbing the throne is anything but regal.

Attention fellow clean freaks! Have we got the solution for you: toilet seat covers with Easy•Clean & Change® hinges. Simply twist the hinges to unlock and completely remove the seat. Then you can thoroughly clean around the bowl, before locking the seat back in place. It’s quick, easy and hygienic.

So yes, cleaning the toilets has always been – and will always be – one of life’s dirtier jobs. But when it’s this easy, you’ll be skipping to the loo.

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