Cleaner. Healthier. Better-Tasting Water.

Luxart's advanced filtering faucet let's you enjoy healthier,
great-tasting water right from your tap, while keeping
all the functionality of a pull-down kitchen faucet.

What is Üben?

The Uben faucet gives you both great-tasting filtered water and regular tap water in one fully-functional pull-down kitchen faucet. Using two GE filters, the Üben removes and reduces toxins found in common tap water.  

Switch Over for Purity.

Switch between filtered and regular tap water all in one place. From the off position, simply move the handle forward and enjoy fresh filtered cold water in about 3 seconds. Pull the handle out for normal hot or cold tap water; perfect for everyday chores like cleaning or doing dishes.

Water. Before You Take It In, Consider All Üben Takes Out

The Üben features two faucet filters made of carbon block that filter down to 0.5 microns to remove toxins like:

Get More Out of Your Water.

Great taste goes far and clean water from the Üben positively impacts everything it touches.

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Easy to Install. 

Installs in Under 30 Minutes

Install the new Üben filtration kitchen faucet with very little effort beyond a normal faucet installation. 

Twice the Filtration

With Two GE Filtration Filters

Fresh rivers and streams collect runoff of pesticides from farms and as water travels from the treatment plant to your home, aging pipes and infrastructures can cause external contaminants to infiltrate your drinking water, leading to contaminants at the tap. The Üben takes all these out using not one, but two GE Filtration filters.

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Seeing Red? Replace.

LED Indicates Filter Change

A red indicator light lets you know when it’s time to change the filters, which last about 6 months (or 300 gallons). Easily twist off and twist & lock back on. Filters are also recyclable. Replacement filters can be ordered online from GE at:

Filtration with Features!

Concealed Pull-down Spray head

The Üben's convenient pull-down spray head offers 2 spray settings: an aerated stream for everyday and a power spray for tough cleaning tackle any task with ease.

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A Faucet That Turns Heads

180 Degrees of Fresh Water

Go ahead. Mount the Üben on your kitchen island. It's up to the job. With a 180 degree spout rotating radius, fresh water is available from virtually any angle.

A Positive Impact

Toward a World With Less Plastic

Every time you use your Üben kitchen faucet, you do something great for you and even better for the environment. Drinking filtered water instead of bottled can help reduce plastic waste. In one year, you can save 1,800 disposable bottles from landfills and oceans with just 2 of our GE Filters

The U.S uses 2,000 disposable plastic bottles per second

Üben: Filtration without Forgoing Function

Cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water in a pull-down kitchen faucet from Luxart.